`PLA cadres held for attempting serial blasts in Dimapur`


DIMAPUR, Jan 30 (NNN): The arrest of PLA cadres revealed that the outfit had attempted to carry out serial blasts in Dimapur.

The Dimapur police said today that the bomb blast of January 5 in Dimapur was committed by Manipur based Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) and the culprits are now in the custody of the Dimapur police.

It said the two co-accused involved in the incident are active members of the PLA insurgent organization of Manipur. With the assistance of Manipur police, the two co-accused identified as Maibam Biren Singh, s/o M.Tomba from Sabungkhkok Makha Leikai, PO/PS- Lamlai, Imphal East (Manipur) and Katuncha @ M. Jiban Singh, s/o Priyo Kumar from Sabungkhkok Makha Leikai, PO/PS- Lamlai, Imphal East (Manipur) have also been arrested from Manipur and brought to Dimapur.

According to the police, the arrested accused persons revealed that the IEDs were meant for three locations in Dimapur `“ (1) the garbage collection area at Burma camp below fly-over, (2) the garbage collection area opposite Hotel Senti and (3) the DMC dustbin at Eros Lane junction (the P.O) where different dates were marked in the three IEDs, viz `“ 26/01/2015, 25/01/2015 and 06/01/2015.

In that bomb explosion at at Eros Lane junction near Wotsami Complex Dimapur one person was found lying injured. On conducting thorough examination of the place of occurrence, about 14 (fourteen) numbers of splinters were seized and one suspicious vehicle, Maruti 800 bearing registration number MN1A-4462 was found abandoned near the crime scene. During safety drill by BDDS Special Branch and Bomb Disposal Squad of the Indian Army 2 (two) nos of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) weight approx 3 Kgs each were found concealed in a plastic container with rice in the abandoned car. On the direction of superior officers and order of destruction from the District Magistrate, the seized IEDs were neutralized by the army and Dimapur police.

The injured accused person was identified as one Longjam Ojit Meitei (30 yrs) S/o L.Joykumar Meitei, P/A. Sabungkhok Makha Laikai, P/O. Lamlong, P/S. Lamlai (Manipur). On questioning, the accused person revealed that he is an active member of PLA, a banned organization of Manipur, and working under the command of one Nungthomba Ingo @ Krishna, SS Captain of PLA. He confirmed that he along with co-accused, one Maiban Biren Singh had come to Dimapur under the direction of SS Captain Krishna of PLA organization with 3(three) nos of IEDs to be planted at Diampur with an objective to disrupt the Republic day celebration but before the IEDs could be planted properly one of the IEDs exploited accidently injuring him seriously. He stated that after the blast his partner disappeared from the crime scene.

The police release said tat thorough interrogation was conducted and during which it was learnt that the three IEDs were received by Maibam Biren Singh from one unidentified lady of around 25 years of age and a man of around 45 years of age in an open ground near Saijang village, Manipur. The three IEDs were concealed in a black bag covered with cauliflower and mustard leaf vegetables. On January 5, around 5 am, accused persons Longjam Ojit Meitei and Maibam Biren Singh hid the IEDs in the tool box of one Tata truck and proceeded for Dimapur. However, the truck broke down near Lairouching under Senapati district and so they called up one Katuncha @ M. Jiban Singh , who was also an active member in the civil set up of the PLA to arrange for another vehicle, the police added. Accordingly, Katuncha @ M. Jiban Singh accompanied by a Mr. Elangbam Basanta brought the Maruti car bearing registration number MN1A-4462. The IEDs were were loaded in the Maruti car concealed in a plastic container covered with some rice and Longjam Ojit Meitei and Maibam Biren Singh proceeded to Dimapur. At around 8.30 pm, they reached Eros Line junction and Longjam Ojit Meitei took out one IED . When he was planting the IED inside the dustbin, he slipped and fell down and the IED exploded inflicting serious injury to Longjam Ojit Meitei in the explosion. Maibam Biren Singh tried to start the car, but not knowing how to drive, he could not start it. So, he came out of the car and checked his friend lying on the ground in the pool of blood and seeing people starting to gather he ran away. The same night, he caught a night bus and returned to Manipur, the police added.

Meanwhile, regular case has been registered vide Dimapur East PS C/No. 04/2015 U/S 121/120 B IPC R/W 3/4/5 Explosive Substance Act and further investigation is on.


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