JCILPS appeals for public support


IMPHAL, March 20: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has appealed to all the indigenous people of the state to take part in the ongoing non cooperation movement observed since March 18.

According to a release of the JCILPS, the movement was taken up when the government presented the Bill containing the protection of non-Manipuris instead of indigenous people on March 16.

It also appealed to other remaining vendors of the market to take part in the fasting held by vendors at Khwairamband market. The committee also conveyed gratitude towards the Imas, intellectuals, experts, academicians and media for the steps taken up by them, it said.

The committee further said that the movement is held to protect the future generation and appealed to all not to be discouraged. It also appealed to those who ignore the movement of the committee not to put up any restriction while members of the committee are on duty, it said.

The committee also stated that it expressed gratitude towards Nupi Thoudang Lup and Pong Lambi Reopening Demand Committee for organising protest at Moirangkampu Khewa Keithel against the bill. It also extended gratitude towards other organisations for standing up against the forced bill, it said.


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