Kuki body seeks creation of Kuki Development Council


IMPHAL, June 20: The Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council Demand Committee Manipur has submitted a memorandum for the creation of Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council comprising of Churachandpur, Chandel district and Sadar Hills to the Chief Minister on October 15, 2010 as the final political solution with Kuki UGs under SoO.

According to a release of the committee, so far no positive gesture has been visible from the side of the government.

It said the committee and the Kuki-Mizo-Zomi (Khulmi) public are constraint to think whether the government is interested in solving the problem with UGs under SoO.

The political settlement with hill based UGs will be achieved only when the 6th Scheduled of the Indian Constitution is extended to all the existing 6 Autonomous District Council viz., Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati, Sadar Hills and Churachandpur with full Legislative, Financial and Executive powers, it said.

The committee has further said that the government should invite civil organisations both from Kuki and Naga sides for the issue. Similarly, it should also invite all the hill based UG Groups across the table to exchange views and opinions in order to bring the problems to its logical end.

It also inquired on why the government is reluctant to implement the 6th Scheduled in the hill areas of Manipur which will not fructify its own objective but also bring permanent political solution to all the tribals without hurting the territorial integrity of Manipur despite the government’s expression of equal development for both the valley and hills of Manipur, it said.


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