ADC Churachandpur interacts with AR


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, August 24: Autonomous District Council, Churachandpur members participated in an interaction programme with the 27 sector Assam Rifles organised by the AR at HQ Veng today.

The meeting was presided by ADC chairman Langkhanpau Guite and Cdr 27 Sector Assam Rifles Brigadier R K Sharma.

The event was also attended by 19 other MDCs of various other district council constituencies, CO 7 AR col Aditya Verma and CO 25 Madras Col Anil.

In the meeting, few points were brought to the notice of the MDCs, like non availability of anti-venom vaccines at Dist Hospital Ccpur and to organise a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan campaign in the district.

These issues were noted by the MDCs, with the chairman ensuring immediate co-operation from their part.

Few points were also highlighted by the ADCC chairman like checking of their vehicles at all Assam Rifles posts, to which Cdr, 27 sector assured that their stations will be informed about their identity and movement and the Cdr also insisted that all MDCs should spend some time with the troops while crossing the AR post, which will help in bridging the gap.

The meeting concluded with a note of expecting better and further coordination in the future between the ADC members and the Assam Rifles.


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