Churches pray for peace and tranquility in State


KANGPOKPI, September 12: The recent unrest in the State over various issues has captured the attention of KBC No.5 who offered a mass prayer today for peace and tranquility in the State and those directly impacted, as well as those who are suffering from the underlying issues that surfaced during the recent protests.

The mass prayer organized by KBC No.5 at KBC Centre Church Kangpokpi was attended by about 500 members from various churches within KBC No.5.

Speaking at the function Dr. Rev. Thangboi Chongloi lamented that in all of our moods we call out to Almighty God today to help us remember how much the State needs peace and to make it real in the society.

He asserted that Almighty God is the rightful advocate of peace, elegant champion of reconciliation, whose victories echo harmoniously and taught the way towards peace.

He emphasized the significant roles of Churches in time of unrest situation in the society and urged every church member to uphold and strengthen the teaching of Lord Jesus Christ about peace among the people.

He also solicited God to guide the leaders of all communities that justice may prevail throughout the state while praying to make all the leaders of the state an instruments of peace to glorify the Almighty.

`Teach us to carry the torch of peace that it may reside within our heart and radiate in our surroundings and transform the current unrest of the state into a Heaven through the Grace of your power for Almighty God you are the only hope of mankind`, prayed Dr Rev Thangboi Chongloi.

The speaker also sought the Almighty God to hold back the hands that kill and maim, turn around the hearts that hate and grant strong spirit of Peace that passes to the understanding of mankind but changes lives.

`When the foundations of peace are shaking, give strength to your people to uphold justice and fight all wrong`, he further prayed.

The mass prayer prayed for peace in all the communities this day and commits to the Almighty all who work for peace and end to tensions while committing those who work to uphold law and justice in every community in the state.

It also prayed for calm in the villages, districts and cities that people may go about their lives in safety and peace while praying for civilian women, children and men whose lives are unrest by prevailing tensions, calling to mind in penitence the anger and hatreds of humanity.

The mass prayer also prayed for those who mourned and urged the Almighty to immerse them in His love and lead them through this darkness into light.


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