JAC decides to block JNIMS entrance against govt apathy


IMPHAL, October 29: Angry residents of Kongpal Kangkham Leikai which is located outside the western gate of the JNIMS hospital has decided to close down the gate of the Hospital from today onwards. This resolve came after much deliberations with the State government failed to come to an amicable resolve.

The crux of the matter which was highlighted once again in a press release by the convenor of the `JAC Against The Closing of the Pong Lambi by JNIMS Authority` mentioned that the throughfare of the residents of Kongpal Kangkham Leikai has been greatly hindered as the passage which has been used since time immemorial has been blocked by the State government as being a main entrance way to the hospital.

It said that the road is the most viable route for many residents of the said area and is the shortest route to come to the city premises, moreover around a 100 students of the locality are suffering hardships as they have to take a much longer detour to get to the transit area or parking.

The roadway was promised to be opened following an assurance of the local MLA , but even despite the repeated promises, there is no clear sign that there will be any positive action to remove the walling, it said.

Angry residents today confronted the local MLA and gave a stern warning that the promise made to them must be translated into action, following which until and unless, the JNIMS gate will remain closed.

The standoff between the residents of the said area and the MLA and representatives of JNIMS hospital occurred in the afternoon and disgruntled residents voiced that their plight has not been acknowledged by the government.

The press release mentioned that the public has been taking a non violent stance till date, however, the only resolve left now is to take matters into the JACs hand and force their means. It said that the public who had complained about the blockade were shot at by security personnel recently, but even then, the locals have decided not to take up any violent responses.

But, as the legitimate demands have fallen on deaf ears, there is no alternate resolve then to block the JNIMS gate and halt entry of the employees and the sick being transported to the hospital. In the regard, the JAC apologetically states that the extreme step had to be taken and requests the public to co-operate with the agitation of the Khurai locals. It may be mentioned that a JAC was formed against the closing of Pong Road along with the people of the surrounding areas affected by the closing of the said road forcefully locked the gates of JNIMS`™ ATC, OPD and Administrative Block on October 26.

The agitators had after dividing themselves into groups at around 10:30 am started locking every gate in the buildings of JNIMS one after another.

People who were already inside the hospital buildings were not allowed to come out, as much as the people who were outside were also not allowed to enter the building, halting the functioning of the hospital .


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