No dearth of fuel in State, public should avoid panic buying


IMPHAL, October 29: Despite the State having enough stock of fuel, panic buying grips the population once again and long queues are lined up at the petrol pumps. There is no need for the public to be apprehensive as there is enough stock at the Chingmeirong oil depot to last for weeks; official reports from the Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution mentioned.

At present the Indian Oil Corporation depot has 553 kilolitres of petrol which would last more than a week.

Ample amount of diesel is stored amounting to 1717 kl which can last for approximately 11 days. Besides the fuel stored at the depot, there are other loaded trucks still waiting to deposit their tanker loads at the IOC. In view of the prevailing bandhs and subsequent economic blockades, the Chief Minister discussed the matter with representatives of the CAF and PD, Home departments today at his bungalow.

The representatives in the meeting gave their views and suggested that security measures be taken up at the Sadar Hills area to facilitate transport of goods trucks arriving along the NH 2.

Sources said that police commandos will be detailed along the stretch from Kangpokpi to Taphou area to prevent untoward incidents and facilitate free movement of good trucks.

The CRPF has been mainly tasked for transportation of goods trucks and 70 loaded fuel trucks will arrive from Khatkhatti tomorrow for Imphal. At around 2.30 pm, empty trucks will again be escorted from Imphal to procure more fuel. Hence, the economic blockade called by the Kuki Peoples Liberation Front which started from October 20 midnight has not been very effective as procuring fuel is concerned and proper security for transport is being taken up.

It was also mentioned that there is no need for the public to be apprehensive about the 20 days economic blockade called by the Kadangband JAC along the highways as a solution may be brought earlier before the deadline, sources added.

A petrol pump proprietor told IFP that there is no need for the public to queue up as there is sufficient amount of fuel in the Chingmeirong depot.

The panic situation only adds misery to the public itself only and adds profit for the black marketers, he said.

The IOC has rationed the fuel to the pumps earlier following the KPLF blockade news, then the public was in panic buying mode but dissipated the next day as assurance was given from the State government`™s side. Similarly, the announcement of the Kadangband JAC`™s 20 days blockade appeared in the papers today and this is the main reason for the public panicking once again. He said that there is no dearth of fuel and the stock is being replenished four times in a week despite the economic blockade.

It was also learnt the government is trying to diffuse the Kadangband JAC matter with the concerned by taking up appropriate actions as demanded by the JAC, it may be mentioned that the JAC is demanding a probe report for the killing of Khupneilal Neihsiel and Robert Hsei Kipgen. A solution may be brought before the deadline of November 3, a source added.


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