Traffic movement along Imphal Moreh highway still far from normal

Vehicles wait while a bulldozer levels the road near Tengnoupal along the Imphal-Moreh highway.
Vehicles wait while a bulldozer levels the road near Tengnoupal along the Imphal-Moreh highway.

IMPHAL, October 22: Even though vehicular movement has resumed along the Imphal-Moreh stretch of the National Highway 2 which was badly affected by the recent incessant rains and landslides, there are still certain parts of the highway which the State PWD has failed to make safe for the motorists.

IFP had conducted an inspection of the highway yesterday in this regard.

It was learnt during the tour that the PWD has divided up the damaged portion of the Imphal-Moreh road stretch into three and entrusted a separate contractor each to repair the three portions.

Of the three, the portion which was least damaged is the Lokchao to Moreh stretch. There the contractor has only used a JCB to clear the roadside drain which has been earthed up, draining away the falling water streams from the hill tops.

However, as there was no planning to drain the water streams down the gorge, there were certain parts where the streams had overflowed from the drain.

The worst portion of the road starts about 2 km before reaching Tengnoupal from Imphal.

Two road stretches about 100 feet long each have sunk along the portion requiring cutting of the hill slopes to enable vehicular movement.

On reaching the stretch around 3:30pm yesterday, several vehicles coming from both Imphal and moreh sides were seen stranded as the earth from the hill slopes cut by the Proclain machine was being piled up on the road.

The earth and boulders piled up on the road from the cutting of the hill was further cast off into the gorges using a JCB and a Bulldozer.

Later, after the road was cleared, vehicles were made to pass the stretch from one side at a time.

However, it was also witnessed that due to the minimum number of manpower and machinery being used, there was not much development in the work.

It may be mentioned that the bad condition of the road has affected shopping for ningol chakkouba as many people flock to the border town for their shopping.

At the same time, vehicles coming from Moreh towards Imphal and vice versa are allowed passage only on specific periods due to security reasons which has only appended the hardship of the commuters.


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