UG cadres engage police in gunfight at Pukhao


IMPHAL, Dec 29: A skirmish between police and underground cadres suspected to be PREPAK occurred today at Pukhao Ahallup, which is located along the Dolaithabi Barrage road and comes under the jurisdiction of Sagolmang police station, Imphal East.

The incident occurred around 12.30 pm when three police personnel in civilian clothing came undercover to deliver an amount demanded by the outfit from a businessman.

The police was targeting to nab the person to whom the demanded amount was to be handed over, according to sources.

They had a telephonic conversation with the cadre to whom the money was to be paid and were instructed to come to Sagolmang area and later to Pukhao Ahallup.

As the police decoy team reached the Pukhao Ahallup Primary School area, they saw three persons in the field in camouflage attire wielding AK-47 rifles.

The stopped their car at a distance and called for back up on seeing the militants, informed the source.

When the back-up commando gypsy team came to the area, the militants fired several rounds towards the car and fled from the spot. They ran towards a nearby hillock called Shantipur Ching and managed to escape, according to the source.

The police also said that they retaliated to the attack and chased them. However, there were no injuries on either side.


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