CorCom questions Manipur Nationalist Party president’s statement


IMPHAL, February 24: The CorCom has said in a lengthy statement that the self-styled president of the newly formed Manipur Nationalist Party B Angousana Sharma is an enemy of Manipuris.

A statement of the CorCom signed by its media co-ordinator Ksh Yoiheiba said the people of the land after proper deliberation of Angousana’s statement that no power in the world can separate Manipur from India, should decide as to what kind of a person he actually is.

It further said that Angousana’s statement regarding the recent agitations in several Indian university campuses including the JNU and the Jadavpur University that “University professors should not use Manipur to preach anti-India” has only established that he is someone who has forgotten his roots and someone trying to gain some sympathy from his colonial master and sell his own people.

It said there is no bar or obstruction in Angousana claiming himself to be an Indian nationalist and siding with India; however, he should understand that he is siding with the colonial rulers of India.

In its bid to repress and smother the movement to regain the lost sovereignty of Manipur, India has introduced many black laws and used its massive Army; however owing to its ineffectiveness, it has resorted to introducing other means, the CorCom statement claimed.

It said India has been trying to create a divide among the hills and the valley by swaying some leaders of the hills and now through its stooges like Angousana who was once an Indian Army, it is now trying to sway some Meiteis to divide the hills and the valley.

These stooges are also trying to show the revolutionary movement in the wrong light before the world, it claimed.


  1. We can either Move On and participate in shaping the Future or keep on pondering the past history in self-confinement within narrow domestic boundary helping nobody but loss and suffering to all. Divisive and seclusive thoughts only deter Peace and Progress in society. It’s not late to realize we are only bringing harm and suffering upon ourselves, and not the intended welfare and preservation of our unique cultural identity we seek to protect. We have many examples to learn from. Take for instance, Sikhs. Need I elaborate further?
    Times are changing, changing fast. Future belongs to those who Best Adapt to Change.
    Change, or Be Changed!
    Peace & Prosperity to Manipur!!!

  2. I strongly agree with Corcom. I was shocked to read the statement of Angousana. It reconfirmed my long believe that it is Bamon who have Mayang blood, whose influence led to the annexation of Manipur by India and they are not Indian agent, parasite in Manipuri society.

    • The world is much larger and brighter if you would only come out of your narrow, dark shell. Shed your myopic perspective, come along the changing world. Pondering upon past legacy and pride would come to naught.


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