Sharmila resumes fast on release, says she can only influence people to bring up a collective voice

Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba visiting Irom Chanu Sharmila at her protest site at Shahid Minar. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, March 1: A day after her release from judicial custody, anti-Armed Forces Specials Powers Act 1958 crusader Irom Chanu Sharmila said she has no plans to change her form of protest and will continue her fast demanding repeal of the dreaded act even after more than 15 years of fasting.

Sharmila resumed her fasting in front of the Shahid Minar at BT Road yesterday evening following her release the same day.

“I have no other strategy to get my victory, what I really think as my step is influencing our half-hearted people so as to make up a collective voice for convincing the concerned government,” Sharmila told media persons at her protest site on being asked as to what further course of action she will follow now that the government has failed to translate her demand even after 15 long years.

It is the right time as the people are aware of the real happenings of the so called encounter of 2009 following the confession of the head constable, she said probably referring to the BT Road killing and head constable Herojit’s confession in the case.

The iconic anti-AFSPA crusader also asked as to how the people could remain silent and contented in such a situation.

Sharmila also said “In a democratic country, suppression of people’s voice of resentment or voice of displeasure with money is really wrong, they should stop such kind of dealing with the common people. This very draconian Act is really inappropriate in this age of civilisation. We the people should give our own voice to make the voice of the god when the time is right.”

About her movement she said it depends upon the peoples’ sentiment right now. “It is a mass cause. People should feel it deeply.”

Sharmila expressed that victory will come only with support from the people, “We need to knock at their door and wake them up”.

She said that causes of movement based on separation or liberation are the cause effect of discriminating treatment.

In democratic country, the government should act as democratic leadership. The common people voice of protest should be heard equally, she observed.

Meanwhile, titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba who came visited Sharmila at the protest site said that Sharmila’s protest is not only for our State but for all the people suffering under the draconian Act AFSPA.

He also expressed unhappiness that the movement against AFSPA has withered over the years and further appealed to the people to support Sharmila’s movement.

Later, a medical team arrived in the evening, but Sharmila denied any medical check-up of her condition.

The Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) handed over placards to the Sharmila which the students distributed in Delhi and collected people’s views on AFSPA for showing their solidarity to Sharmila.

Many civil organisation leaders, human right activities also met Sharmila today.


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