Women CSOs hop onto ILPS protest bandwagon


E-Front-__-JCILPS-womens-wingIMPHAL, May 30: Various State level women’s organisations have jumped on the ILPS protest bandwagon and announced different forms of agitation from tomorrow.

Speaking to reporters at the office of Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) located at Sega Road, leaders of six State level women’s organisations said they are compelled to join the protest bandwagon as they can no longer tolerate the alleged indifferent attitude of the Govt to the protesters and the Govt’s stand on the issue.

80 years old Ph Sakhi, president of AMKIL strongly condemned the use of water cannon and commission of other excesses against protesters by the policemen. Although the land is said to be under a democratic Government, the nature of governance is military like, she said. Sakhi said they could no longer tolerate the excesses committed against protesters and this has compelled them to join the protest. She further announced that they will launch different forms of agitation from tomorrow.

President of Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Lup, L Memchoubi said the Govt is more concerned about the conduct of IMC election instead of working for the conversion of the three Bills passed last year into Acts. The agents of polling stations and authority concerned should be held responsible for any eventuality in case any outsiders are found casting their votes in the ensuing IMC polls, she said.

Kanglei Ima Lup president RK Sanahanbi accused the Govt of pursuing divisive policies among the communities of the State who have been living in peace. As such, women of the State will join hands to fight such divisive agenda.

The State BJP unit should lead from the front to achieve the demands and other political parties should also sincerely show their concern through action, she said. General secretary of All Manipur Women Social Reformation and Development Samaj, Th Ramani said the demand for ILP was raised since a long time back. And even as the O Ibobi led Congress remains in power in the State for over 15 years, the aspiration of the people still remain unfulfilled. There is a spurt in outsiders’ population. And the number of outsiders in the State has increased rapidly like flood water.

Also demanding the release of the arrested students, Ramani said indigenous people of the State are pushed to such uneasy situation that they are forced to find a living space in their own land. She further urged the 60 MLAs to understand the reality and act fast. She also urged landlords and land owners not to let their house/land to outsiders.

The officials who conduct the IMC election or authority concerned should accept anything happening to them in case outsiders are found casting their votes in the IMC polls. She further urged the Govt to clarify within June 1 why the all political parties delegation is not going to Delhi to press the Central leaders for enactment of the three Bills. Ramani further said that all the 60 MLAs should accept any agitation launched against them. Ksh Bala Leima, president of Women Welfare Organisation also attended the press meet.


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