Bandhs, protests to now blockade Spare a thought for young students


Bills ostensibly worked out to protect the indigenous people of the land. However the reality tells a very different story with sharp differences arising from amongst the indigenous people of the land over the Bills. These differences can be seen all over the place. Nine dead bodies still lying in state at Churachandpur. Days of confrontations between protesters and police on the streets. Students being picked up and detained. Bandhs and now blockades. And all these unwanted things have been happening from the previous year. If the loss incurred so far could have been calculated then it would be immense. However has anyone thought how the restive days must have impacted on the minds of the young students ? So far nothing to suggest that anyone has put a thought for the young students or else why would they be mobilised and made to go outside their class rooms to protest on the streets ? Young school girls being water cannoned must still be fresh in the minds of the people but has anyone learnt any lesson from the happenings in the last few days ? Most probably not, for there is no indication that there would be a relook at the manner in which the matter has been dealt with so far. The matter is serious for when one talks about the young students one is obviously talking about the future of the land and the people.

With the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) announcing the results of Class X examination sometime back, this is the time for parents and guardians to seek admission for their children and wards to the next class. It is the same thing with those who have passed their Class XII examinations. However given the current condition, will anyone be in the right frame of mind to concentrate on the education of their young children ? Also remember, a number of students are now in Class X and Class XII and this is the time for them to be preparing for the next big examination in their life. Not at all logical to disturb their academic pursuit. Given the situation, it is therefore not surprising to see numerous parents opting to send their young children outside the State for their higher studies. Not all of them are placed in good financial position to incur the extra expenditure of sending their kids outside the State, but given the situation here there is no choice. This is the sad reality of Manipur today. In any course of movement or agitation, students must be left free to concentrate on their studies. Let adults deal with the affairs which should be dealt by them. Makes no sense in letting young students come into the picture.


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