Irom Chanu Sharmila: Mr Bean in the Sherlock Holmes series


Asked and discussed with the passengers that we are going to Guwahati, and the driver was too determined to drive taking the lead. The decision of the driver can no longer be personalized when lots of lives are behind this, ‘Eche Leader/Driver.’ At a point the driver got herself in confusion thinking she is on train trying to take the leading compartment to her own direction leaving behind all those who trusted her and have been her wheel. At this point, we have no option left but to beg to the driver to come back as it has come 15 years far, and we cannot expect for a new driver too.
To kill a system, we have to go in the system. For an ant to kill the elephant, the ant has to go inside the ear of the elephant to be a part of the system first to kill from inside. But to clean a muddy pond, we cannot go in as it will make us as well as the pond dirty. We need to stand aside and suck out the whole water. Once we are in this politics, we need to know that we need to wear white dress which every spot can be seen easily and can be hidden easily with the excuse, ‘Aya! It’s white that’s why.’ We know that ministers corrupt but can’t question to them, because it’s, ‘Rajneeti.’ Why are you trying to go into this Eche?
2nd November of 2000, 10 loves were forced to leave us by those foreigners of same nationality. Right from the next dawn, the new decision, the new choice, the new wind blew directing Eche towards the fasting till Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 is removed for the circumference of Manipur. You are jailed in the hearts of everybody, why are you feeling lonely in the crowd? Eche!
It’s true that discussions will take us to conclusion but never to solution. Solutions are to be hunted by our own hearts; did you take that decision without any voices from behind with believes for solution? Then why was the incident with the chief minister a self-contradiction? When CM approached you to be in politics, you made him a laughing stoke as he revealed their monopoly, and you stood firm against this politics. Every corner I go, you and Mary Kom are like answers to where I am from. I keep telling them, “I am from the part where Eche and Mary Kom were born.” What will I say after 9th of August? Yes! When you leave all of us alone and walk in your own path, there is no question to stop you but why do you take us this far and without warning us, you personalized your world which is against the ethics of a true leader.
Forget us, leave us, we are the worst followers but what about dada Irom Singhajit? He gave up his job just to be your lead follower. It’s really surprising to even see him surprised by your decision. What awards are left to appreciate you? When the whole world is with you, why are you trying to go down to a constituency?
You have been staying awake to see the beauty of breaking dawn, why are you yawning when it’s just seconds away from the breaking dawn? The world feels so much touched by you because of the way you walk not for the destination; the truly non-violence movement. Two men got selected as IAS officers, first one from a rich family embark with facilities and the second an orphan. Why the world will go for the second? Not because he is an IAS but because of the struggle and the way he worked hard. Eche, cloudy days are the best friends of rainbows. Uniqueness has created our individuality instincts, making us weak from questioning your personal instincts but never forget that you are the driver. You have already got the majority, why you need to play politics which is a game of majority? The world is silently crying because of your decision, if you really feel it is true, go for it. You have done your best to the highest degree of non-violence, now it’s the world for more is less that you are igniting.
You cannot change the lock for the right key; you have to search the right key for that lock as it is locked. When the world needs you, don’t question us back for why we need you?
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