Outrage over inclusion of Naga tribes on Kuki monolith


CHANDEL, NOVEMBER 2: Various organizations in Manipur have lashed out at the reported inclusion of a number of Naga tribes on a Kuki monolith in Manipur.
A public meeting that held recently under the aegis of the Chandel Naga People’s Organization (CNPO) in Manipur vehemently denounced the inclusion of Naga tribes namely the Aimol, the Anal, the Chothe, the Lamkang, the Maring, the Monsang, and the Moyon as Kuki tribes in a Pathen Tonsot Songpi monument that was erected at Khulmon village in Churachandpur town.
The organization also has reaffirmed an earlier resolution to boycott the Congress government in the state. The organization has resolved that the CNPO will not allow what it termed ‘the communal government’ of Manipur to inaugurate any project in the district.
Instead, the governor will do it, it was informed on Wednesday.
The meeting also discussed the proposal of the state’s government to inaugurate Sadar Hills which they alleged was ‘without consulting stake holders.’
The organization has resolved that ‘not an inch of Naga areas would be compromised when curving out a new district.’
Also, the Anal civil society comprising the ANTA, the ALT, the ALCA and the ASR besides village chiefs and church leaders have denounced said inclusion. During a crucial joint meeting that was conducted at Tokpaching village, the organizations strongly condemned what they called the ‘unethical inclusion of Anal tribe on the Kuki monolith that was erected at Khulmon village in Churachandpur.
According to a press release from the groups on Wednesday, the Anal civil society have time and again made numerous clarifications through the media besides records citing disparities in the customs and traditions between the Anal and the Kuki.
The Anal tribe has never been a part of the Kuki community since time immemorial, it was stated. The organizations have summoned the chief of Khulmon village to appear in the court of Anallon Chiefs Association on or before 10 November 2016.
Failing to respond within the stipulated time ‘may compel Anal civil society to file FIR defamation case against him,’ the group cautioned.
Also, the groups clarified that the Anal public neither endorsed nor supported the peace parleys between Soo signatories and the GOM.

Source: Eastern Mirror


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