Districts creation to feature in talk Can there be a meeting point ?


Tripartite talk between the State Government and the UNC under the aegis of the Central Government at New Delhi after January 26. Let UNC president Gaidon Kamei lead the UNC team and let the talk be held either at New Delhi or in one of the Naga dominated districts. Conditions laid down by the UNC for the proposed talk to fructify. With the Court ruling that  Gaidon Kamei, who is presently serving a prison term, agreeing that he may lead the UNC team, all eyes will definitely be set on the proposed talk. The important question however is whether an agreement can be inked or arrived at during the proposed talk. The UNC has already made it clear that the creation of the seven new districts should be on the agenda of the dialogue and when this features in the talk, what will be the stand of the UNC and the State Government ? Interesting question this is, for will the UNC ask the State Government to roll back the district creation decision ? Or what other points vis-a-vis the creation of the seven new districts can the UNC discuss with the State Government ? How about the Centre ? Will it just facilitate the talk or will it take a proactive role ? Other than the district creation what other points may be discussed ? It is also important to question whether the proposed talk can bring an end to the ongoing economic blockade. Tough to find an answer to this, but ultimately this is what the people would want to hear. This is basically the reason why the people are eagerly awaiting the result of the proposed talk.

Given the issue at hand, it is difficult to even entertain the thought that a resolution may be worked out during or after the dialogue. This in all probability will mean that the State will go to polls in the shadow of the economic blockade, or will the blockade be relaxed in view of the upcoming Assembly election ? The answer is probably not, if one goes by what a leader of the UNC had to say to Firstpost,  the report which The Sangai Express carried. “We do not prioritise the election, but we prioritise the issue of integrity of the ancestral land of the Nagas” is what the UNC leader reportedly told the Firstpost. A more than enough indication that there is no way the ongoing economic blockade may be relaxed in view of the coming Assembly election. If no resolution can be worked out during the proposed tripartite talk at New Delhi, then does this mean that the State will go to polls in the midst of the economic blockade ? Not a comfortable question, but certainly a question which must be raised and at the risk of repeating an earlier point, let it be clear that the longer the economic blockade is imposed, the more favourable the ground will be for the Congress and Chief Minister O Ibobi. A plain point which should not miss the consciousness of the UNC.

Source: The Sangai Express


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