Flood at Kongba Nandeibam Leikai, Khongman Mangjil


Sudden rise of water level in Kongba  Nandeibam Leikai, Khongman Mangjil and its surrounding areas has led to man-made flood affecting hundreds of houses.

Many of the local roadways (leikai gi leirak) have been totally submerged under the flood water.

Many families affected by the flood are taking shelter at the nearby high ground safer areas, local club and community halls.

Relief materials are also been supplied to the flood affected peoples.

Due to the rise of water level, Singjamei-Kongba road from Khongman Mangjil to Kongba Nandeibam Leikai have been shut down to avoid any unwanted incident till the flood water decrease.

Rise of water level at the said areas is still continued.

Mention may be that till now no one knows how the water level have been increasing in the vary areas despite Kongba River water has been blocked to avoid further flood.


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