Dear Life!


Dear Life !

(By: Deepa Khomdram)

Dear life was lost
The city was in chaos
Harmony was eradicated
Hue and cries annihilated
Many an invocation sent
Many a proposition sent
Mothers and sisters revolted
Fathers and Brothers protested
But, efforts were wasted!

Holding on to life is a malady
Walking past life is an agony
Caught we are in the middle
With no choice but tremble
Standing with the mob
Hoping against hope
Without an idea
Seeking for Arcadia
Longing for Utopia!

Another life was lost
The city was in chaos
Lifeless and irksome it is
Yet Mundane and worldly it is
Usurped by ambiguity nobody cares,
Yet, everybody swears
Pathetic is the situation
Baffled we are of the condition
Useless is the conviction!

[box color=”blue”] The above poem was sent to Kanglaonline by Deepa Khomdram [/box]

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