UNLF ridicules staged surrender


Manipur,IMPHAL, August 20: In the backdrop of the recent report of two militants surrendering to the BSF, the proscribed UNLF has ridiculed the security forces to hoodwink the general public with such antics.

A UNLF statement issued by its senior Publicity Officer Ksh Yoiheiba said, there is no cadre by the name of Boynao Simte alias Mangboi of Thanlon who allegedly surrendered before the BSF.

In fact, Boynao was associated for some time with the Maril Task Force which operated in the Barak area but he had run away when the MPA was under heavy attack from the security forces in 2005, the statement added.

The statement said, resurrection of deserters by even supplying them arms for the sake of surrender drama by security forces has become a regular feature and it does not surprise anyone. They even had the audacity to produce 73 hooded persons on July 20 as surrendrees.

It further said, the security forces have reduced the peace talks to a joke by resurrecting people who had supposedly disappeared to suddenly appear and made to vouch for peace talks.


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