It’s high time Meitei/Meetei to include in ST: DESAM


IMPHAL, May 4: The Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has in statement said that it is time for Meitei/Meetei to include in the list of Schedule Tribe.

Derogatory word as it seems, the word HAO, describing the people of hills of Manipur is not offensive before the Meitei/Meetei adopted Hinduism and inclusion in the ST List under Article 342 (1) of the Indian Constitution should not be considered as reduction is standards of thoughts.

While various kinghood community of Tripura and Assam do not hesitate to turn or are not ashamed turning to ST, why should the Meitei/Meetei not be happy to enlist in the list of ST, the statement further stated and added that the grooming of STDC mind to enlist in ST should not be threatened to the people by certain CSO not to join the cause. DESAM also urged the public not to get threatened by certain words which is hard to digest. It is Reverse Sanskritization that the Meitei/Meetei desires to list into ST, the statement added.


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