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Chitra Ahanthem

Chitra Ahanthem, based in Imphal, is mostly in identity crisis mode. She is not a journalist but has been writing for the Imphal Free Press since 2000

Sports, drama and a blast

By Chitra Ahanthem This week saw two major incidents: one was literally a loud blast in our own backyard `“ the bomb blast at MG...

On reading and books

By Chitra Ahanthem Lately, there is this ‘tag friends with your list of 10 books that have deeply influenced you’ going about on a social...

Notes on writing

By: Chitra Ahanthem There have been various instances when people have tried to nudge towards writing on an array of subjects. This outgoing week, one...

The media files

The media files By Chitra Ahanthem The IFP Saturday edition’s photo, showing a bloodied hand and a shining if not sparkling gun held as ‘proof’ of...
Front Cover of a typical Indian Passport

Passport to inconvenience!

Passport to inconvenience! Chitra Ahanthem By an unexpected play of fate, which took me out of the country recently, I was able to apply for my...

Decoding Highway 39

By Chitra Ahanthem Sudeep Chakravarti’s ‘Highway 39: journeys through a fractured land’ published by Harper Collins (388 pages, Rs 450) was a much anticipated book...

That chip on the shoulder?

By Chitra Ahanthem Having missed out on so many Sunday pages of Imphal Free Press, it sure is a relief to be able to write...

Dear Electricity Department: Please Shed Some Light!

By Chitra Ahanthem Today’s FOOTNOTES  is a first ever: it is an open letter and entreaty to the Electricity Department, it is an elegy to...

Dear Electricity Department: Please shed some light!

BY Chitra Ahanthem Today’s FOOTNOTES is a first ever: it is an open letter and entreaty to the Electricity Department, it is an elegy to...

A B`day note for E-pao

BY Chitra Ahanthem That Manipur has a generation of people living outside of the state and establishing themselves in their respective sphere of work is...

As the Year Ends…

By Chitra Ahanthem Well!FOOTNOTES has missed its Sunday date with the IFP page for two consecutive Sundays now. The first Sunday space was made up...

Festivals and a lesson in faith

What an eventful week it has been! The festive air hanging over Imphal is unbelievable and a casual onlooker who is not too familiar...

Mobile Hassles and Harassments

By Chitra Ahanthem Some time ago, there was a string of funny SMS jokes sent to my number from an unidentified number. The jokes were...

Blockade Notes

By Chitra Ahanthem Let us start from the beginning of it all. It is not going to matter how long the highways are blockaded really....