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Maisnam Chanu Liklainu

MAISNAM CHANU LIKLAINU a former student of Japanese Studies from the School of International Politics, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Meeting a Thang-ta practitioner : Kanglei kick

Meeting a Thang- ta practitioner : Kanglei kick I met this inspirational Thang–ta teacher and was blown away when she threw a series of kicks,...

Camaderie during the London Olympics

Bota, Sayyora and Qahramon were the students of the School of International Studies (SIS), JNU. They belong to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We have kept...

Of Park Chung-hee, Of Che Guevera, Of Elections and of the...

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu He isn’t the guy next door. He isn’t the guy with the latest hairdos. He isn’t the Korean with the cute...

The Voice of Dissent

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu Liu Xiaobo ,the Nobel Peace Prize winner is one of the dissidents languishing in the Chinese jail. He was never...

Power cuts

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu The house plunging in darkness.Imagine a house which cannot afford an inverter or a generator.Worse still,a house having both ...

Is it wrong to be given a Meitei name?

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu I am not a Meitei fanatic when I write this....I dont agree 75% with the so called Defenders of Meiteism.... But...

How informative are the East Asians?

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu I met two Chinese girls who didnt know about Bruce Lee. A teacher once told us- people who speak the...

The coming of the Senbrangs….

By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu We always envy our neighbours. Birds coming and building nests in their maangols. We always wanted these birds to come...