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With different educational background, we have interest in different areas. Chingakham Dina is more interested in education and teaching to shape human resource. Arambam Karamjit focuses more on business and ideas of income generation. Mrs. Khwairakpam Sunita’s interest is more on social issues and contemporary needs of the society. Being team writers, the three writers discuss and carried out research to produce the final outcome of writing.

German Education System

German education is very much about extracting the best and finding the right talent out of the individuals. Free education for all is given...

Export Manipur’s Education to Southeast Asia

Education becomes a booming industry around the world. Now Asian market is ready to open to Manipur. In the past one or two years,...

Manipur’s Economic Prospects under Look East Policy By Chingakham Dina, Arambam...

Manipur’s international business has been left without much progress in this global economy era. Things will change quickly when Manipur is connected to ASEAN...
Manipur water shortage problem

Policy to Alleviate Water Problems in Manipur

By Chingakham Dina; Arambam Karamjit We look into water resource and compare their management between Manipur and other countries. It is imminent that water problem...
Education System Thailand Manipur

Education System: Thailand Vs Manipur

  Thailand is one of the biggest business centres in South East Asia. It plays major role to attract spotlight in world tourism and it...

Remittance: Bringing Global Money to Manipur

Remittance is the money earned in foreign countries and sent back home. Money is what we need to build physical constructions and infrastructures. Money doesn’t...

Village Economy Model in Thailand

By Chingakham Dina, Arambam Karamjit, Khwairakpam Sunita Self sufficiency village economy in Thailand was introduced by His Majesty the king of Thailand and the philosophy...

Alcohol Industry and State Income

By Chingakham Dina and Arambam Karamjit Wine and alcohol is as old as the history of human being. It is dated back to 10,000 BC....