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Strange Animal Attacks in Manipur: Monkeyoid OR Mutant Monkey ?

MONKEYOID OR MUTANT MONKEY:  A possibility on the sightings of strange animal attacks in Manipur state. Mystery or hysteria of animals' attacks on livestock and sightings of...
Abenao: Sonia Elangbam - A screenshot from award winning movie-Fijigee Mani: Courtesy : Youtube

Interview: Manipuri Film Actress – Abenao(Sonia Elangbam) on Career, Culture and Experience

By: W Rorrkychand Singh In a candid conversation with Manipuri Film Actress Abenao (Sonia Elangbam), who is better known by her stage name; Abenao reveals about...


“Loss of an erstwhile Kingdom to a Hamlet with an antagonistic name…!” The question “where is Manipur…?” looks to be funny and seems to be...

Understanding Violence Triangle and Structural Violence

By Rajkumar Bobichand We understand that Violence is any physical, emotional, verbal, institutional, structural or spiritual behaviour, attitude, policy or condition that diminishes, dominates or...
Yes, sex does sell. But when one says that we must also know that the sex in question is primarily, if not exclusively, that of women.

Sex! Yes, Sex! Oh yes, Sex!

By Angomcha Bimol Akoijam Yes, sex does sell. But when one says that we must also know that the sex in question is primarily, if...
Students staging sit-in-protest demanding implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur on Monday

Why We Need Inner Line Permit in Manipur, Top 10 Reasons

By: W Rorrkychand Singh The ongoing movement of the enforcement of Inner Line Permit (ILP) at Manipur is a long-standing impasse since the early 1980s...

Awang Koubru Asuppa and Notion for Origin of Obliquity of Earth and Planets

“Awang Koubru Asuppa #Yoimayai Khunda Ahanba (##Leima-Lai Khunda Ahanba) Nongthrei Ma-u Lingliba Eerik Eepan Thariba O! Lainingthou...!” What have been seen so far…?? The above invocation of Meetei Puya (sacred manuscript/scripture)...

Science vis-a-vis Meetei Puya over Models of the Solar System: Riddle of Malem Leikoipung

What is the meaning of this simple Meeteilon “Malem Leikoipung” in the Context of Science? Can we unravel it? Debate over centuries and its Settlement...
Dimapur- Ruins of Dimasa Kingdom

Historical facts of Dimapur – Dimasa Youth Front

While insisting on peaceful coexistence and communal harmony among indigenous tribes of North-East India, the Dimasa Youth Forum (DYF) would like to highlight few...

Heartbreak at Ukhrul : unfolding Shirock 2018

By Lukhendro Keisham Gone are days when we had to listen to music available only on cassette tapes that we possessed, or wait for some...

The Many Faces of Language

The write up reproduce here is an excerpt from the lecture delivered by renowned Journalist SUBIR BHAUMIK under the title Northeast: A Thousand Assertive...

Who knows the origin of the Meiteis?- NO BODY

By: Dr Irengbam Mohendra Singh Nobody knows where the Meiteis came from. Some Europeans (Pemberton et al) skewed this idea that the Meiteis probably migrated...

Tale of Hanubi Hanuba Fou Suba: Deciphering the Code of Expanding Universe & Big...

Meetei furupki ningsingba thoktraba matamdagi leiramlaba linarakpa warida hai: “thaina soraren atiyasi yamna nemlammee, khutna lamba fanglammee, hanubi hanubana fou subada sukna thenglammee, fousuba nungaite...

KHULLANG ESHEI: Manipur’s Folk Treasure

KHULLANG ESHEI: Manipur’s Folk Treasure By: Seram Neken Khullang Esei is completely the improvisation of the singers without any written script. The immediate and spontaneous emotional...