My mother has also a mother


By Herojit Philem


If a child is good, the credit goes to mother and it is the mother who also bears the burden of the child when he possesses a bad habit. It is also the mother who cares and cherishes the embryo for nine months in the womb. Saying all these, I don’t mean to say that father has nothing to do with the child. Many mothers will be searching for their children when they are late for home by few minutes in the evening with a lamp on her hand. Her heart will quiver more and more at this juncture if the child’s mobile phone is switch off. She is out looking for her child not with the intention to scold for returning home late. It is because of love. She doesn’t want to lose her child. If the child is staying far from her she will not sleep without the child’s phone call. This writing doesn’t intend to harm someone’s sentiment and definitely not to change men’s approaching attitude towards women, and women’s towards women.

Mother is the best friend one will get in life. But do you ever think that to the one whom you call mother has also a mother? Leaving her mother she becomes our mother. This is a social fact that a girl child will one day become mature and get married and stay with her husband. She will become a mother and eventually act as grandmother. We, recently, witnessed Ningol Chakouba; it is indeed a practice handed down by our great ancestors. I feel no one is against this. This practice of ours should continue, it swathes sister-brother love but in nook and cranny of our land some demonic things have been happening. Yes, a mother demands her daughter to bring abundant goods, to come with car or any other four wheelers, thinking not of her daughter’s living condition. And the daughter urges her parents to be gifted with expensive things. In fact they are all mothers struggling to light the kitchen and praying never to let it off even for a meal. As the famous adage says, “Aping others cost the frog its buttocks.”Let the man with big feet buy big shoes and the man with small feet buy small shoes. If a man with small feet happens to buy big shoes he will not wear the shoes instead it will be kept unused, that is to say he simply wasted his money. Similarly, seeing neighbourhood’s daughter coming Ningol Chakouba on car and demanded one’s daughter, who have married to a poor man, to come on car might not have joined the chakouba, if she had joined then she is now, definitely struggling with her husband to clear depts of some thousands. Women must know women’s pains.

Everyone has come from mother and she is loved by her children. One day, I ask my little sister whom she loves more “father or mother”. Yes, you guessed right. Her answer was that she loves mother more than father. Mother’s love is passionate and unique that the anger of Mother-Child brawl is ceased when the son calls the mother, mother. When I say “Mother-child brawl” do you feel the term is disgusting? If it is so, when I say “Self-brawl” it might be disgusting. It is we, who gave birth to mother and it is she who gave birth to her mother and vice versa. As Aristotle said, “Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.” If she didn’t born us she will not be a mother and she is the only mother we have. Her mother is also the only mother for her but she came leaving her to let us see the world.


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