Lup asks CM to work out peace for state


IMPHAL, Aug 27: Sharmila Kanba Lup has appealed to the chief minister O Ibobi Singh to so something which could bring peace and harmony in Manipur during his tenure as the leader of the state.

Sharmila Kanba Lup, in a statement, however expressed strong reservation on the statement made by chief minister O Ibobi Singh on the latter’s favouritism about retaining the controversial AFSPA in Manipur and the NE region at a time when MPs and ex-MPs of the country are against imposition of the act.

The Lup asked whether O Ibobi Singh’s desire to retain the draconian act in Manipur has some hidden agenda. The Lup also asked the Manipur chief minister to pay equal attention to killings perpetrated by unknown forces on non-Manipuris as well as hills and valley people.

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