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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rani Gaidinliu and her religious movement – Part 1

Budha Kamei “Any nation or country would be proud to have such a gifted woman who sacrificed everything for her people and for the cause...

Points on election manifesto for the 2017 election in Manipur

Dr Khomdon Lisam From previous issue The Act was passed by Indian Parliament vide bill no. 95-F of 1959 Act, no, 33 of 1960 to make...

Letter to Prime Minister of India by Ronaldo Laishram of Manipur

Dear Hon'ble Prime Minister, I am Ronaldo Laishram from Manipur, the place called "Switzerland of India", the place where the Indian National Flag was hoisted...

Dear RBI, it’s not about hoarding notes, it’s about shortage of cash

Vivek Kaul In the press conference that followed the monetary policy on December 7, 2016, R Gandhi, one of the deputy governors of the Reserve...

You are born as a free man, at least die as a free man

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamZero bulbs are useless for searching things in the dark but pleasingly useful for searching peace in night to get mingled in the...

Be happy to be happy coz you want to be happy

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam Are you bored of this kind of life? For me, yes. I am bored. But every time I try to find happiness, sadness...

Demonetisation & what next?

Free Thinker The thrill of monetary equality dies when you suddenly realize that there are mountains of hidden bullions and unaccounted assets (immovable properties etc)....

Manipur general election 2017

Why the citizens of Manipur should choose a new ruling party for the greater interest of the citizen in the state, and why the...

Appropriate farm mechanization for enhancing employment generation in Manipur : A holistic approach

The North-eastern region lying between 21.5o N – 29.5o N latitudes and 85.5o E – 97.3o E longitudes comprises of eight states – Assam,...

Children in Agitations: Is it a unique gift of the ailing system ?

In the midst of varied social, economic and political problems confronting Manipur society today, children of the state are in a state of absolute...

Manipur – here and there

Manipur, literally known as the ‘Switzerland of India’ or ‘the jewel of India’ or the so-called ‘Sana Leipak’ is always in the news for...

Importance of general insurance in the context of Manipur

General insurance or non life insurance policies is issued to automobiles, householders policies, Mediclaim, personal accident, shopkeepers, goods in transit, personal goods like jewellery,...

Can RSS Repeal AFSPA?

Can RSS Repeal AFSPA? By :- Safiur Rahaman Maibam ,Student of DM College of Arts, Imphal. Volunter of Personality Development Club DM college of Arts. And...

ILPS, IPM, ST movements are complimentary

What exactly we want? We want to protect & preserve our people, our land, our identity, our culture and also bring about peace and...